AIME is a progressive online store with a commitment to forging authentic connections between independent designers and discerning buyers. By sharing stories and collaborating with the next generation of slow fashion brands, AIME provides a space for you to inspire, and be inspired.


Founded in 2018, the AIME platform was set up to showcase emerging talent through the publication of AIME magazine. From 2018-2019, AIME directed music videos and interviews, as well as shooting editorials and BTS content. Partnering with talents such as BR3NYA, KANINE, Urmi Sound and many more has allowed AIME to build relationships with a range of creatives, and spotlight the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

AIME launched the AIME Store to further nurture its relationships with creatives, selling products from emerging designers alongside its own collection of reclaimed homeware. 


AIME’s mission is to partner with slow-fashion brands to deliver an eclectic range of products, with a particular focus on boundary-pushing styles. By selling predominantly made to order and reclaimed items, AIME vows to minimise waste and to serve as a synapse between the sustainable brand and the eco-conscious buyer. These values of creative authenticity and environmental responsibility sit side by side with its commitment to inclusivity and representation, to constitute the key pillars upon which AIME is built.

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